As the world has become more industrialized, so too have the foods we eat. In today’s world, fast food drive-thrus serve as quick fixes for hungry bellies, and the agricultural industry relies on practices like genetic modifications and mass-meat production to make a quick buck. Thanks to a combination of consumerism and money-hungry food brands, many of the foods available at your local grocery store are pumped up with a toxic mix of chemicals, hormones, and sugars. They might taste great, but the truth is, much of the food on the market is terrible for your body and the environment.

At Eat Kind, we are all about promoting food that is kind to both the body and the planet. This means caring for those who grow our foods and raise livestock, promoting sustainable farming practices, and eating organic, wholesome foods that nourish our bodies. By promoting Kind food, we hope to preserve the dignity of animals, spread compassion for family farmers, preserve the planet, and change the health of millions of Americans. At EatKind.net, you can access directories to find kind food near you, read articles about sustainable food practices, learn about growing your own food, find healthy recipes, and so much more! We believe that eating kind can transform your life and the world around you!